Working with me

I take care of your exciting projects.

I care

Teamwork and building solid relationships with my clients and partners are essential to accomplish great work.

I'm creative

I always try to create a unique personality for each project, while following current webdesign trends.

I smile

I am passionate full-time, always smiling and feeding my optimistic mind. Whatever I do, I do with a smile!

Who I am

I am a media engineer, living in Lausanne, Switzerland. I combine my technical skills in web design & development, with my communication & management skills to achieve your precious projects.

Personal Skills

My enthusiasm and passion for new technologies keep me motivated in what I do. My flexibility and social skills allow me to work perfectly on a team.

Communication Skills

Naturally sociable, I have always enjoyed social interaction. During my Master in Communication and through my various professional projects, I developed solid knowledge and skills in business communication.

Development skills

HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, Jquery (+Mobile), SQL, Wordpress

Webdesign skills

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere

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2012 - 2015

Master of Arts in Business Communication

and Computer Sciences

University of Fribourg, Switzerland

2013 (6 months)

ERASMUS in Stuttgart, Germany

Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart

2008 - 2011

Bachelor of Science in Media Engineering

University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HEIG-VD)

2004 - 2007

Maturité Gymnasiale, Math & Physics

Gymnase Auguste-Piccard, Lausanne, Switzerland

Work Experience

  • 2008 - today

    Freelance Web Designer

    I started building websites during my engineering studies. Since then, I have not stopped working as a freelance webdesigner for small companies and bloggers.

  • 2011 - 2014

    Digital Project Manager at Altipeak SA

    During my Bachelor Thesis I realised a prototype for an app designed for elderly people. After my Bachelor, I continued working for the company as a project manager. I created technical requirements, followed the development team, talked with clients, etc.

  • 2007 - 2008

    Trainee at Geomatic SA

    This is where I made my first steps in the web world. I learned how to use graphic tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and where I wrote my first lines of HTML, CSS and PHP codes.

  • 2007 (1 month)

    Summer job at T'emogique Sarl

    Support work for a start-up at EPFL Innovation Park.

  • Master Thesis on Mobile Advertising

    Mobile is fundamental in today's digital projects and must be integrated into the advertising strategy. This is the reason why I did my master thesis on the effects of mobile advertising on brand memorization.

    This thesis enabled me to better understand how mobile advertising works and how people process the enormous amount of ads in their everyday lives.

    During this project, I tested 3 mobile advertising formats (banners, interstitials, natives). I was able to demonstrate that despite the obvious presence of advertising, our brains unconsciously processes it, which can influence our buying behavior.

    I developed a good overview of the mobile advertising ecosystem and current trends such as native advertising.


    • Mobile advertising allows an unconscious memorization of brands
    • The choice of advertising format influences the confidence that brings the consumer to the brand
    • The banner blindness phenomenon is weaker on mobile than on traditional web
    • A format perceived as highly intrusive (eg. interstitial) does not allow a better brand recall

    What I do

    My technical background in media engineering allows me to understand the issues related to the digital world and to establish ideal solutions.

    My previous work experience allows me to better understand and approach the fieldwork and to build strong relationships with customers.

    Digital Project Management

    I have a strong knowledge of digital project management thanks to my previous professional experiences.

    UI Design & Branding

    I developed a sharp sensitivity to user experience and ergonomics and can help you build a strong identity for your brand, product or company.

    Social Media

    With my knowledge of trends and developments in social media, I help you plan and organize your communication on social networks.

    Swissgenia SA

    Front-End & Back-End

    Eat with Joh

    Front-End, Back-End, Branding & Community Management


    Front-End & Back-End (website)

    Front-End, Technical Specs & Project Management (iPad app)

    Corinne Luck - Artchitecture & Intérieur

    Front-End & Back-End

    Actigym FSG Ecublens - Trampoline

    Front-End, Back-End & Community management

    Rising Star Nautic


    Eurogenia SA

    Front-End, Back-End & Branding

    cba-Sourcing SA


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